Congratulations! You have successfully installed the Anywhere Photo Server.
You're now ready to transfer your photos and videos.

iPad Users
  1. Choose the "Places" menu to find the items you want to copy. This menu should now list your iPad and the PC on which you just installed the Anywhere Photo Server.
  2. Tap the items you want to copy, or use the "Select All" button to choose everything
  3. Choose "Send To" in the lower left. Choose the destination for your files.
iPhone Users
  1. Choose the Photo Library containing the items you wish to transfer.
  2. On the next screen your PC should now be in the list of destinations. 
  3. Tap your destination to take you to the photo browser.
  4. Choose the photos or videos you wish to send by tapping on then, then click "Send" in the lower right to start copying.

Help I don't see my PC listed!

Anywhere Photo uses the Apple Bonjour protocol to discover your PC. On some networks, this protocol is disabled.You can manually add a server by clicking the "+" icon on the first screen in both the iPad and iPhone versions.

  1. Choose the type of destination, either "Anywhere Photo Server" to send to your PC.
  2. Enter the name of your computer, server port and your public ip address.
  3. This information can by found by right clicking the Anywhere Photo desktop icon in the task bar and choosing "Server Info".
  4. Enter the information into the form and click "Done"
  5. You should now have a new destination server added.


You can also use Anywhere Photo to batch upload photos or videos to Facebook.

  1. On the first screen of both the iPhone and iPad versions, tap the "+" button on the lower right.
  2. Choose Facebook as the destination type.
  3. You'll be redirected to Facebook to confirm that you wish to allow Anywhere Photo send your files.
  4. Choose "Yes" to allow Anywhere Photo to upload photos and videos.
  5. After confirmation you'll be redirected to the Facebook settings screen.
  6. Choose the Facebook album to which you want your files sent.
  7. You can also choose a comment for your posting and adjust the video quality to HIgh, Med or Low.
  8. Head back to the first screen in Anywhere Photo, choose your album, then pick Facebook as a destination.
  9. Pick the photos or videos you want to copy, then tap "Send.

I still need help.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at